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Entry #3

new game

2009-05-25 15:05:53 by BloodBathProductions

workin on a new game but may take a bit tho


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2009-08-21 19:37:45

dude! dont make a new game, just finish and fix ur other games!


2009-08-25 23:05:21

dude, some her guy stole you're game and submitted it here. Here's the link: /509366


2009-09-23 18:18:14

No, you both stole my game!

Proof: (it says my email is same google account! I've posted the fact that it's been stolen on the site and left a link to one and thanks to daedraslayer229 and one of my friends I'm posting about the other one! the real version from ME is found here, /512480